A Look at Slotomania Free

Slotomania Free is a paid online survey program that has been online for many years. They allow you to sign up and get your free account, as well as having a place where you can sign up with other paid members.

Slotomania Free uses a combination of computer/cell phone and internet strategies to help you with the surveys that you want to do. The surveys are all completed online and then they ask you to either send money to an address or enter your phone number. All of these things have happened on Slotomania Free.

I have never seen an actual money-back guarantee on Slotomania Free, but I’ve seen plenty of people who feel that they were not fully satisfied with the customer service. One member of Slotomania Free posted the following on a forum:

“On my first account, I did an online survey that took me to my own home in the third-party company’s domain. I got a response from someone named Suzanne, whom I later found out was the president of the company. She told me that they get a lot of inquiries and complaints, so they investigate them.

I told her that I’m not making a big deal out of it because I am just getting a little frustrated from trying to find this site and I know that I won’t be able to make up my mind for good. She answered that she couldn’t tell me more and said she’ll try to call me back at a later time. A couple of days later, I didn’t hear anything from her again.

Anyway, since I had already paid their next payment for a month’s fee, I asked if they could either honor the payment I had already made, or if I could pay the rest myself. They told me that they couldn’t do anything until Ibought the next year’s membership, which I hadn’t done yet. If I purchased the rest myself, they said they would honor the payment and my account would be automatically closed.”

As I mentioned before, the one thing that I’ve seen a lot of in Slotomania Free’s customer service is that the people that work there are less than trustworthy. They don’t always take the customer’s name and make sure they get what they pay for, but they will usually turn a blind eye when you’re asking questions about their program or products. One member of Slotomania Free lost their account due to a disagreement with the owner of the company.

It has been suggested that you should not sign up for any slotomania free offers in order to stop this problem. I would recommend this as a method of protecting yourself and your money, but then again, you’ll never know for sure if you will be able to get your money back. As I said, I had no problem with the customer service and I can’t say that there are none, but I’d definitely recommend that you do some research on the company before you sign up for anything else.