Does Facebook have a Slotomania?

Does Facebook have a slotomania? Well, they said “no”, but…

Well, actually, it does have a Facebook slotomania. The latest in the phenomenon that started out with Facebook saying no and continued when the person, having become addicted to the game finally “got around” to deleting it, only to find there was still time left on the clock. You see, this phenomenon began with an experiment that had Facebook “testing” its own games, which are being developed for Facebook games only, not the general public.

This particular game has slots in it, and as you might expect, it turns out that the person who tested the game was hooked on Facebook games and on slotomania in general. He created a slot game that played online on his own account. And, as it turned out, he was hooked on slotomania, although he did admit to several days of being genuinely mad at the inability to get it to work. Anyway, the point is, when he was sick of it and decided to delete it, he deleted the slot game and found that all of his money, his energy, his time, had been drained away and all because he couldn’t be online for more than a few minutes at a time.

And so, the question is: does Facebook have a slotomania? It’s kind of hard to say, considering the speed at which people join Facebook, stay in it for years, and even die because they joined the wrong social networking site or just decided to look for a game to play instead of learning about and expanding their network. Nevertheless, a recent Facebook user I know has become a full-time gamer and counting. He doesn’t have Facebook slots and he didn’t invent slotomania, but he seems to be the latest victim of the phenomenon.

He once told me that the reason why he doesn’t have Facebook slots is because he “wouldn’t feel guilty for cheating”. And that was true in the sense that he spent way too much time on Facebook playing slots, although it wasn’t a lot of time. He doesn’t cheat in any other area of his life, except perhaps in his home job.

So, in other words, there is nothing wrong with the fact that he hasn’t had a chance to develop the slotomania habit, since it came from Facebook and its game that is only played in the Facebook “community”. Still, he found himself spending many hours each day on Facebook playing slotomania, meaning he has lost his job and probably can’t continue with his business.

Even if he doesn’t have the slotomania habit, how long does it take to develop it? And if it takes too long, what happens if it comes back to bite him again? Even if the man realizes that he’s been scammed, it could take years to get over the entire situation.

Well, it appears that Facebook has put out a statement that they are aware of this particular problem and will try to do something about it. In the meantime, if you have a Facebook account and would like to have a game going without it being dependent on a third party to run it for you, you can still do so. Most game providers will ask you to pay a small fee and enter your personal details into the database, but that should be no problem and you’ll still be able to play slots, although maybe not quite as much as you could be if you had access to a game provider for free.