Is Slotomania Facebook A Compulsive Behavior Problem?

Slotomania is a term coined by psychologist Robert Weiss to explain obsessive tendencies towards gambling. It is a compulsive behavior disorder similar to Internet addiction, food addiction or shopping addiction. The main problem with slotomania is that it develops in a void and there is no ongoing emotional support from family or friends. This lack of emotional connection is what ultimately renders an internet user an internet addict or a compulsive gambler.

Slotomania can be diagnosed through psychological interviewing and testing. The interviews will typically take place with the sufferer and/or their family and friends to determine the severity and root cause of their gambling impulse. The sufferer and their family and friends are asked questions pertaining to their day to day life, the type of work they do, their financial situation, etc. All of this information is gathered in order to better understand and diagnose someone who may have compulsive tendencies. Once the doctor has diagnosed someone as having some form of slotomania, treatment options will be discussed in detail.

Slotomania Facebook Fanpage – The presence of slotomania on a person’s Facebook page has become a serious red flag for online gambling and / or internet addiction. Recently there have been cases in which internet addicts have lost custody of their children because of the exposure of these folks on their Facebook pages. These cases are isolated and extreme however. In the vast majority of cases it is simply not worth the risk of losing a child over a little virtual gambling. There are ways to combat slotomania without having to expose your child to the internet.

Online slotomania “help” – The internet is filled with forums and groups where people discuss their personal problems and issues. There are a ton of these types of forums devoted to people suffering from all kinds of different addictions including internet gambling. Many of these forums deal with slotomania. There are also several self help e-books available to the general public that deal directly with slotomania.

I would definitely encourage anyone who is having trouble controlling their compulsive tendencies to look into one of these programs. You owe it to yourself to give one of these things a shot. The best way to find these is to do a simple search on Google for “tabomania help”. There are several good programs out there that can completely rid you of your excessive internet gambling or slotomania. If you search for those exact words, you should get several results return to you.

While the above may be true, there is no guarantee that these programs can completely cure slotomania or internet addiction. There are many individuals that give testimony to how well these programs have helped them. What’s more there are no negative side effects to using these programs. The only sure fire way to know if these programs can cure you is to give one of these a try. If it does help you out then you have your proof that these programs are working.