3 Must-Have Features of a Reliable Multichannel E-Commerce Solution

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Here you are, you have been operating a single channel business. Your online store has been the only selling point. For long you enjoyed high profits, but things are changing. Your sales levels are declining per dawn. You invested money in marketing and branding campaigns. Despite this, nothing seems to be working for you. You did your study and found selling through multiple channels is the only way you can get your profits on the right path. Now, you have embarked on the process of searching for a multichannel e-commerce platform. You want to get the right and reliable platform to ensure you remain on your journey to success. For you to get the best bet, you need to consider the features provided. Here are the 3 must-have features for a reliable platform for accomplishing your mission:

Integration functionalities

As you know, your business does not operate in a vacuum. It is a system that relies on other system and sub-systems. For this reason, your multichannel e-commerce website must have opportunities for integrating with other software and solutions. When considering a platform for your multichannel business, you need to consider its capabilities to integrate with other platforms. If this is not your case, you will have challenges adding new selling channels. Hence, frustrations will be part of your day to day experience.

Security features

With the ever-growing online threats, security is an essential aspect. The growth in online selling has popped a mouth-watering appetite for the cybercriminals. Each day online stores are becoming the prey of this merciless predators. In this essence, you need to up your game. When choosing a multichannel e-commerce platform, you should prioritize security. As you sell through various channels, you expose your business to more risks. Hence, your platform must have reliable security features. Otherwise, your customers will become cybercriminals’ prey. In turn, you will lose trust and taint your online brand leading to a loss. So, pay attention to the security features provided before saying yes to a platform.


Growth is one of the reasons for moving your business to a multichannel e-commerce solution. You want a platform that will enable you to add other channels. Apart from this aspect, your website will help you to support your business growth. As such, you must consider the scalability aspect. Your online store must have the ability to scale with changes in traffic without crashing. Hence, you need to consider the scalability aspect as one of the features in multichannel platform selection.

3 Indicators You Need Integrations When Using Magento as Your Multichannel E-Commerce Channel

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Are you running your multichannel business on Magento? If so, you are on the right way to success. Magento enables you to create an attractive e-commerce platform by offering you a chance to access the backend codes. With this opportunity, you can tweak or modify them. This opportunity helps you to have a website that tallies with your customers and business needs. However, things might not be going well in your business.

Frustrations are your daily diets. Your customers are always complaining. Poor customer services are handing over your clients to your competitors. It is a down time in your multichannel venture. Despite all these happenings, you have an idea of a possible way to get out of this situation. But you do not know the right moment to take the next move. If you are in this situation, here are 3 top indicators you need integrations in your online store anchored on Magento multichannel e-commerce platform:

Consistent overselling issues in your business

Selling on multiple channels is a good idea. But its effectiveness lies in your ability to keep your inventories updated. As you know, quantities of products keep on changing consistently across the channels. Each moment a customer buys a product, the quantity levels of the items available goes down. However, if you do not have automated inventory management, you have to keep updating your data after each sale. When you have a large sales volume, you can have challenges in inventory management. Due to this, your customers will place orders on products that are out of stock. You will disappoint them when you want to refund them due to unavailable products. If you are experiencing this problem, it is crucial to consider integrations for automating inventory management.

Wrong or delayed order shipping

Nothing is frustrating like sending the wrong order to a customer. For example, a customer orders a sewing machine and you deliver a blender. This order confusion leads to disappointment in your customers and the possibility of losing them. Also, you might be having consistent order delivery delays. If this is occurring to you, you need to integrate your multichannel e-commerce website with tools that will harness your ordering and fulfillment process.

Your customer experience is insufficient

Even if you are new in the multichannel e-commerce field, you understand the need of your customers. Treating your customers well and enhancing their experience is the secret of boosting your sales. Hence, if your Magento based online store is hurting your customer experience, you need to add integration that will change the situation.

2 Multichannel E-Commerce Tools That Are Essential In Boosting Your Online Revenue

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Certainly, you are in business to make profits. It is for this reason you added new channels to your online store. You want to cast your nets wide and fetch more customers. Even though your business has the best name online, or the most loved brand, if you are not making any revenue, it is unworthy. However, even with multichannel e-commerce as your selling approach, you need tools and features to manage your online store. If you make mistakes in managing your selling channels, you will suffer huge losses and probably cripple your business. You can change this by having superb tools to manage all aspects of your selling points. Here are the top 3 multichannel e-commerce tools for boosting your revenue:


Imagine you visit an online store. You find superb products and decide to buy them. However, you find your card does not have enough cash for the transaction. Now, you want to put this item on a cart to hinder another customer from purchasing it. Unfortunately, you find there is no cart available. How would the experience be like? Certainly, disappointment will crown your face. You will hate that shopping platform and probably never return in the future.

Having a cart is one way of boosting your multichannel sales. The cart allows your customers to pick and place their preferred products to hinder other buyers from purchasing them. If you are struggling in integrating a shopping cart in your selling channels, Ecwind is a good option. This software offers you a universal shopping cart. With it, your customers will not worry when purchasing your offers. This way, you attract more customers leading to enhanced sales.


Modern customers do not buy products blindly. They rely on the available information to make decisions. One source of information is your customer reviews and ratings. As a multichannel webpreneur, you sell through various points. However, not all of them allow your customers to write comments.

In this essence, you need a software or a tool that will enable you to consolidate all your reviews in a centralized point. eRated is a software that enables you to achieve this objective. Every customer can view what your current clients are saying about your offers. This way, you build trust and boost your sales.

In a word, having the right multichannel e-commerce software and tools is the secret to harnessing your sales. With this tools you will maximize your profitability.

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